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Expert Made Crowns & Bridges in Edison, NJ

Broken or missing teeth can have a huge impact on everything from your confidence to ability to enjoy your favorite meal. Our custom crowns & bridges in Edison, NJ provide both high quality and aesthetic results, so that your smile is just as healthy as it is beautiful.

A Customized Treatment Plan for Your Individual Needs

Dr. Yatin Khanna is a specialist when it comes to crowns & bridges in Edison, NJ. As a prosthodontist, he takes multiple facets of your oral health into account, from the way your teeth all occlude (bite) together to the shade and hue of the final fixed restoration.

No two smiles are identical. When it comes to restoring your bite and improving its appearance, we incorporate an individualized approach that takes into consideration things such as:

  • Past dental work
  • The health and integrity of your existing teeth
  • Tooth replacement concerns
  • Possible dental implant therapy
  • Your immediate and long-term needs
  • Personal budgets

What’s the Difference Between a Crown and Bridge?

Crowns are protective “caps” that go over teeth to hold brittle or compromised enamel together, so that they can function normally without the risk of breaking apart. They’re also used to protect teeth that have recently had root canal treatment, or on top of dental implants for single tooth replacement.

Bridges are multi-tooth restorations that span between two healthy supporting teeth or dental implants, to replace the missing teeth between them.

Each of our crowns and bridges are designed from quality ceramic materials that are both durable for long-term wear, and professionally designed for optimal aesthetics.

When it comes to full mouth reconstruction and tooth replacement, Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey, PA, offers the expert level care you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation! Flexible financing plans are available.