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Changing Lives with Dental Implants in Edison, NJ

There’s never been a better way to replace your missing teeth than with our dental implants in Edison, NJ. Compared to conventional tooth replacement treatments, implants offer the most lifelike and durable results possible.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

Implants are biocompatible restorations that serve as artificial tooth roots. When we set them into your jaw near the area of your missing teeth, your body creates new bone around the implant to fuse them permanently into place. It’s gentler and simpler than you may think!

Implants are so strong, that we can use them in pairs to support multi-tooth restorations such as bridges or dentures. But independently restored with a crown, your new implant functions like a brand new, stand-alone tooth.

Because they integrate with your own body, a well-cared for implant can last for decades, even if the restoration on top of it gradually wears out.

Why consider dental implants?

In Edison, NJ our prosthodontic specialist recommends implant therapy for patients who want:

  • The most long-lasting tooth replacement option
  • A prosthesis that looks and feels like natural teeth
  • Results that enhance both function and appearance
  • An investment that can last the rest of your life
  • To replace individual, multiple, or all of their teeth at once

Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Restoration

Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey, PA provides start to finish dental implant therapy. From the planning and surgical placement of your prosthesis to the design and final installation of your supported crown, bridge or denture, Dr. Yatin Khanna completes the entire process right here in our Edison, NJ practice.

Are you a candidate for implant therapy? Thinking of replacing your removable partial denture with something more permanent? Book a consultation with Dr. Khanna today. Be sure to ask about or flexible payment programs!