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At Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey, PA we provide a variety of services to meet all of our patients needs.

Dental Implants

Implants are biocompatible restorations that serve as artificial tooth roots. When we set them into your jaw near the area of your missing teeth, your body creates new bone around the implant to fuse them permanently into place.

Teeth Whitening

Enhance the color of your healthy teeth by erasing years of stain and natural tooth discoloration. Our professional whitening treatments give you better results than anything you can buy in a store or online.

Crowns & Bridges

Each of our crowns and bridges are designed from quality ceramic materials that are both durable for long-term wear, and professionally designed for optimal aesthetics.


What should you look for in a new denture? Whether you’re replacing teeth for the first time or looking to upgrade your current prosthesis, Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey, PA works closely with each of our patients to deliver a custom denture designs.

Porcelain Veneers

Dazzling porcelain veneers can provide you with significant results in just a couple of appointments. Deemed “instant braces,” veneers make your teeth look whiter and straighter without any additional dental work.

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a commonly overlooked yet extremely painful condition. Most people tend to attribute their TMJ disorder symptoms to other problems, and as such, don’t get the treatment for TMJ in Edison, NJ that they need.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Boosting your smile’s aesthetics can have a tremendous impact on your self-esteem and professional life. Dr. Yatin Khanna can help you mask aesthetic irregularities to help you feel proud of the way your teeth look, rather than hide them in social situations.

Composite Fillings

Dr. Yatin Khanna prefers to use tooth colored composite fillings for Edison, NJ patients instead of traditional amalgam (metal) ones. These ceramic materials allow us to match the color of your filling to the shade of your natural teeth.

Sleep Apnea

An oral sleep appliance is ideal for our patients who are CPAP intolerant or have OSA. By fitting you with a custom prosthesis, we can position your jaw in a way that prevents the soft tissues at the back of your throat from sealing off the airway while you sleep.

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