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Solutions for Sleep Apnea in Edison, NJ

Do you struggle with snoring or sleep apnea? Edison, NJ specialist Dr. Yatin Khanna offers an effective alternative to bulky CPAP equipment for our patients who suffer from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA.)

How Do Dental Sleep Appliances Work?

An oral sleep appliance is ideal for our patients who are CPAP intolerant or have OSA. By fitting you with a custom prosthesis, we can position your jaw in a way that prevents the soft tissues at the back of your throat from sealing off the airway while you sleep. As a result, air flows more freely and your brain isn’t deprived of oxygen.

For our patients with sleep apnea in Edison, NJ, we can fit you with a custom oral sleep appliance that:

  • Naturally opens your airway
  • Doesn’t involve bulky or noisy machines
  • Is easy to store or travel with
  • Isn’t annoying to your sleep partner
  • Is discreet and simple to use

Will I Need a Sleep Study?

Prosthodontic Associates of New Jersey, PA can work directly with your sleep physician or refer you for a sleep study if necessary. Most people don’t realize that technology now exists that allows you to have a sleep study done in your own home. You bring the equipment with you, record the necessary data, and then the information is read by your doctor or pulmonologist.

How to Get a Dental Sleep Mouthpiece

The first step to being fitted with an oral sleep appliance is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yatin Khanna at our Edison, NJ practice. We’ll take a series of impressions and conduct a medical screening, along with communicate with your physician as necessary.

Within a couple of weeks, your custom sleep mouthpiece will be ready to try in. Some minor adjustments may be needed during the first month, but most of our patients see significant results within the first couple nights of use.

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